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Almond Mushroom

Category: Mushrooms
Vital Mushroom: Almond Mushroom (ABM – Agaricus blazei Murril) Capsules from Austria with university research

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Almond Mushroom (ABM – Agaricus blazei Murril)Organic quality dietary supplement.

Almond Mushroom (ABM – Agaricus blazei Murril) Mushroom powder capsules by Lucky Mushrooms at a glance
Made in Austria
Gently dried at temperatures below 35°C
Ground with a special Japanese mill to break the hard cell walls and allow the body to best absorb the nutrients
120 capsules per bottle
1 capsule = 300mg mushroom powder
Recommended intake: 2 capsules twice a day with sufficient liquid †
Ingredients: Almond Mushroom powder, cellulose capsule
Allergens: None
Storage: Cool and dry
† Recommended daily dose not established.

The stated recommended daily intake must not be exceeded. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of reach of small children. Do not take during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Why we like the Almond Mushroom (ABM – Agaricus blazei Murril) Mushroom powder capsules by Tyrolean Lucky Mushrooms
The ABM mushroom powder contains all ingredients of the almond mushroom in their natural composition.

The ABM mushrooms are gently dried (at below 35°C) after harvest and then ultra-finely ground. In technical terms, this grinding technique is also called “Shellbroken process”.

This means that the cell walls are broken during the grinding of the mushrooms. This is necessary because mushrooms have very hard cell walls, which consist of chitin that cannot be processed by the human body. Therefore, this Shellbroken grinding is important so that the body can absorb the ingredients of the mushroom.

About the Almond Mushroom (ABM – Agaricus blazei Murril)
Synonyms: Agaricus blazei Murrill, ABM, Brazilian Almond Agaric, Sun Mushroom, Life Mushroom, Cogmelo de Deus, God’s Mushroom, Agaricus brasiliensis, Agaricus subrufescens

The Agaricus blazei Murrill is originally native to the rainforests of Brazil. This special vitality mushroom has been known to the Brazilian natives for a long time, which is why it is called “Cogumelo do Sol” (Sun Mushroom), “Cogumelo da Vida” (Life Mushroom), or even “Cogumelo de Deus” (God’s Mushroom) depending on the region.

The Almond mushroom has a particularly balanced concentration of vitamins, valuable minerals, proteins and amino acids, as well as a high content of polysaccharides. Not only these components, but also its characteristic almond aroma make the Agaricus blazei Murrill a high-quality edible and vitality mushroom. Nutritional studies name the Agaricus subrufescens as a non-animal source of conjugated linoleic acids (CLA – conjugated linoleic acid), consisting of a combination of trans and (significantly more) cis isomers.

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SKU G1240 Manufacturer Tyroler Glückspilze country Austria


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