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Fab Slabs

Fab Slabs – Camphor Laurel Cutting Board

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Shipping / Services: worldwide

100% Australian Made & Owned- These boards are milled, kilned and manufactured in Queensland, Australia.
They are environmentally friendly
Made from a solid timber slab- Tightly-grained wood and small pores help reduce scoring of the cutting surface and absorption of liquid and dirt into the surface.
The natural oils in this tropical hardwood repel moisture and microbes.
Camphor Laurel is a naturally and permanently anti-bacterial.
Note: These boards are all individually handcrafted, each piece is totally unique in colour, grain and character. The cutting boards in the image will differ from the cutting boards in our warehouse.

Caring for your Cutting Board:

Simply wash in hot, soapy water immediately after use. Towel-dry to prevent warping
For a longer lasting board, oil with edible oil whenever it is looking dry. Grape seed oil is recommended.
Do NOT put in the dishwasher.

They are environmentally friendly in that they are made from Camphor Laurel – a Declared Environmental Weed Class 3 in Queensland. Camphor Laurel is having an ecologically harmful effect on our natural ecosystems within the South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales environment. By buying these cutting boards, you are supporting the removal and utilization of these invasive, non-native Camphor Laurel weeds/trees to make timber products. This allows the native flora to flourish and plays an important part in the long-term control and management of this weed. For more information, refer to Sunshine Coast Council’s letter at the bottom of the page.

The secret is in the kiln-drying – the kiln-drying removes the natural oils from the camphor timber leaving a slight aroma in the board. The board remains smelling beautiful without leaving any scent in your food.

If it has never been in the dishwasher, never been bleached or left in the sunlight, any Camphor Laurel Cutting Board should last for many years. Oiling once or twice a year is ideal.

  • upcycle STUDIO
  • 37.00
  • Worldwide

Approximate Measurements: Small: 435mm x 170mm x 30mm Medium: 450mm x 230mm x 30mm Large: 480mm x 270mm x 30mm


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