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Algae salad mix – Irish wild harvested

Mixed algae salad mix from Ireland. Wild harvested.

57.06 DOGE


Shipping / Services: worldwide

Mixed Sea Veg Salad is a colorful and very tasty mix of five different fine sea vegetables. Five different types of algae are chopped and mixed together for easy munching and incorporation into your daily cooking. The mix is composed of:

Dulse (25%), which has a long tradition of use in northern Europe and tastes fantastic.
Sea spaghetti (25%) really looks like spaghetti. 🙂
Atlantic Spirulina (20%), not to be confused with sweetwater spirulina typically found online and in shops. Atlantic spirulina has salty taste.
Sweet Kombu (20%), a slightly sweet-tasting delight.
Nori (10%), well-known as the algae used in sushi and gimbap, a very tasty Korean type of sushi.
Using Mixed Sea Veg Salad
This is where the mix shines. It’s chopped and mixed and is very appealing to the eye. It can munched on as a snack, but the mixture lends itself to easy incorporation of five different types of sea vegetables into everyday cooking. You can use the mix in salads, on potatoes, in soups, in omelettes…basically whereever you fancy. It’s amazingly versatile!

Hint: Algae dries out quickly, even packaged. But the solution is quick and easy. Spray with water from a spray bottle or simply sprinkle a little water over the sea veg and toss it around in a bag. Let it stand for at least 20 minutes. Shortly the water is fairly evenly absorbed and the sea veg becomes fresher and more tender.

Mixed Sea Veg Salad at a glance
Wild harvested from the coasts of Ireland
Regularly tested for heavy metals
Ingredients: In variable amounts dulse, sea spaghetti, Atlantic spirulina, sweet kombu, nori
Contents: Weight at time of filling – weight loss due to further drying possible
Storage: Dry and cool
Note: Not more than 2g/day due to a potentially high level of iodine. If you want to use more, please soak in water for a couple of hours first. Exchange the water a couple of times to reduce the iodine levels.

  • 7.14
  • Worldwide

SKU G1014 Manufacturer country Ireland


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